The TechnoMotive Datalogger

What is a Datalogger?

Ever wonder what the engine computer is thinking while it controls the engine? The TechnoMotive Datalogger allows you see the internal workings of the ECU. Plug one end of the special adapter cable into your car's diagnostic port and the other end into your laptop, select the data types you are interested in, and start driving. The amount of data you can collect is limited only by your hard disk space!

What can I do with a Datalogger?

Ever seen a dealer mechanic plug a handheld computer into your car while you had the car in for service? Anything that mechanic can do with the factory diagnostic unit you can do with the TechnoMotive Datalogger - and much much more! Not only can you see a display of the current sensor and actuator values, you can plot the values on a live scrolling chart. You can also save a continuous stream of data to your laptop's hard drive for later analysis.

The Datalogger makes a great diagnostic tool. Tracking down faulty or intermittent sensors using a voltmeter can be very frustrating. Most of the time you cannot check sensor values when the engine is running - and even if you can, how can you be sure the ECU doesn't have a bad connection buried deep somewhere in the wiring harness? The Datalogger lets you see exactly what the ECU is seeing.

Ever suspected you had a misfire, but couldn't figure out which cylinder was causing the problem? The Datalogger also allows you to shut off one injector at a time - while the engine is running! In this manner, you can easily perform a cylinder balance test. You can also actuate all the solenoids as well as cycle the fuel pump relay.

Scan tool emulation panel

Engine tuning is where the Datalogger really shines. How much is timing being retarded at wide-open-throttle? Am I getting a lot of knock around 5000 RPM? How close am I to maxing out my injectors? The Datalogger answers these questions, and more.

It is often difficult for home mechanics to tune their cars - most of the time, the only tools that are available are an oxygen sensor meter and the seat of their pants. Using only these tools, they could never be certain that what they had done to the car was fully optimized unless they paid for expensive time on a dyno. The Datalogger provides an affordable alternative to dyno testing. By tracking the change in engine RPM vs. time coupled with knowing the vehicle's weight and gearing ratios, the Datalogger can make a fair and repeatable estimate of at-the-wheels horsepower. (this feature currently under development)

Datalogger specifications

Prices and ordering

The $300 price for the special adapter cable and both versions of the software also includes shipping and unlimited future software upgrades. Please remember that California residents must add $23.25 for the 7.75% sales tax. We use this tool ourselves, so we will be constantly improving and adding features to the software. Updates will be available via e-mail. Less frequent updates will be available via standard mail.

Our preferred method of contact is via e-mail. Contact us at We can also be reached at 805-692-2181.

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Sorry, we are not currently set up to accept credit cards (soon, hopefully). Checks or money orders made payable to TechnoMotive would be just fine. Also, Buschur Racing sells our Datalogger for the same price and they do accept credit cards.

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